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March 16th, 2008 - Insite update

I forgot to post news about Insite for some (long) time and it's time to fix it. During 2007 I made only two reviews - and in both Axeman was involved. First it was DM-TCMP-Gilles. He cooperated with Sjosz on this one and visuals are quite moody although I wasn't so fond of gameplay. Still a good map. The second map was made with BIOS and you guess it right - it was DM-UCMP4-Elucidation. The Map of the Year on BeyondUnreal and I have absolutely no problem with this. Elucidation rocks.

At the end of the 2007 UT3 came out and I decided to wake up again in spite of game's bad karma (so far). My first UT3 reviews were about rather mediocre maps - DM-LiftKill by Rehevkor and DM-Pure by Brits_Hit. In between I reviewed one UT2004 as well - ONS-Bionyx by Cosmix. Finally I made 4 maps in our joint-venture with T2A` in a review of HOLP Map Pack. It was a joy to review these, definitely go there and download the pack!

Also my map got reviewed. IceCreamYou took a look at CTF-KG-RGB and it went out not that good this time. :-) 5.5 was a bitter pill for me and while users are half point more generous it still shows that it was map way beyond my skills. Better luck next time. :-)

UT3 Level Design update

IceCreamYou joined me on my project UT3 Level Design but I still work on it mostly alone. There are some things you might be interested in though:

It's far from all updates - and you bet the new title banner is not the only change made in past few weeks. I update the page quite a lot as I started to work on a small DM level with based on HU packages. We'll see how it will turn out.

January 18th, 2008 - UT3 Level Design Wiki

Obviously - I wasn't too much UT-active recently. Mainly because my very bad internet connection (working on it). However - UT3 is out, I have my metal case with bonus content DVD and I started to work with Unreal Editor again. :-)

I found more and more dificult to update this site (because I do so in Linux, hand-written PHP, etc.) I decided to start fresh set of tutorials as a Wiki. So you can check UT3 Level Design site. It is updated quite often and what's more important – it still waits for co-authors. I don't want it to be wide community effort in order to avoid messiness – it rather should be focused effort of a few (dozens?) people. Focused solely on UT3.

That also means that this site will not get anymore tutorials. More likely they will be removed and this site will only focus on my portfolio (I hope for some news :-)).

Yeah – and happy new year (kinda lately) and enjoy UT3!

April 28th, 2007 - Kranials Mappack #1 released

Two days ago actually. Mappack contains 5 maps by Sjosz, CyMek, GreenLoves, Hointar and myself. I tried for some 5v5 CTF map. Size is just right but the layout is reportedly way too complex for serious hardcore play – but it's incredible fun I have to say! :-) Even against bots (and that means something).

Check Kranial Games page for more or check also threads on BuF or on Epic Forums. Download links are there too.


January 27th, 2007 - New tutorial about smeshes from Maya7PLE for UnrealEd

I definitely started to create my custom meshes and after that I realized why many mappers never start. There are many troubles when starting. Hence I put down this little tutorial to make it easier if you still hasitate. It's not completely effort-free but you definitely should try it. Maya 7 PLE is used because it's for free and the plugin for UnrealEd is out there for free too.

January 14th, 2007 - Member of Kranial Games

It was a time since I released my last map (Taboo, right?). I tried to work on a map for a particular mod, but I kinda lost the aim (and also I was the only mapper which is very lonely thing in a team ;-)). Later I started some CTF and than put it on shelf... but when Pipux addressed me about little mappack under the Kranial Games header, I simply entered with that CTF map as my contribution.

Kranial is a small team starting with a few well-known mappers like GreenLoves or Hointar (and me :-)). Currently we're on line with N3odoc and KaMi and their nice map and we also "hired" CyMek today, so we're on a good way to become strong team. Our first goal – Mappack for UT2004 – is scheduled for March/April 2007 – so stay tuned!

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